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Welcome to Justin Lesnoy's Page

Justin Lesnoy

Justin Lesnoy

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. The Friendship Circle is an organization that means a lot to me, and your support is much appreciated. Please make a donation in honor of my Walk on Sunday, May 19th! The money I raise will go directly to helping the Friendship Circle provide social programs for children with special needs. Every little bit counts! Together, we can make a difference! -- Justin


raised of $7,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. JPJason Pollock
Sorry for the delay, and thank you for supporting such a wonderful organization!
2. JRJonathan Rozenberg
You're a machine :)
3. ?Anonymous
4. MWMendel And Miriam Weingarten
Thank you for the opportunity.
5. SJStephen L. Guarneri Jr.
Justin it's great to see you doing this. Keep up the good work my
6. IBIgor Biselman
Nice job!

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