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Welcome to Alexis Gabler's Page

Alexis Gabler

Alexis Gabler

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my page. On May 19th, I will be participating in the Friendship Walk and Carnival. The mission of the Walk is to raise money for Friendship Circle, an organization that helps to build friendships between special needs kids and the Jewish teen community. I have been a part of the Friendship Circle family as a volunteer for a little over a year now, and I have made so many new, amazing friendships during this time. Each Sunday, I participate in the Sunday Circle program which pairs volunteers with one kid who becomes their buddy. Since August, I have had the privilege to work with my buddy Jake, and the money raised at the Walk will go directly to social programs that benefit kids like him! I would really appreciate your support in raising money for a cause as near to my heart as this one! Thank you in advance for your generosity:)



raised of $4,000 goal

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1. TThe Zuckermans!
Nothing says "Alexis Gabler" more than a carnival & a walk! Go Alexis!
2. KKerri & Michael
3. KKaren, Steve and Rachel Shapiro
Great job Alexis!
4. EBElla, Harold & Molly Bergner
Amazing Alexis!!!!
5. KDKaren Demer
So proud of you Alexis!
6. MMia Warshaw & Family