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Hayley Alperin

Hayley Alperin

This year, it is my birthday and my graduation wish that you will again consider supporting me in my walk/run to raise awareness for an organization that has a special place in my heart, Friendship Circle.

Friendship Circle Upper East Side is an organization that works daily to cultivate friendships between children, teenagers and young adults with disabilities and dedicated teen and young adult volunteers. Friendship Circle’s programming provides social and supportive opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to individuals with disabilities, especially during another unprecedented year.

On Sunday, May 15th I’ll be walking/running to raise awareness and funds for Friendship Circle Upper East Side. I began volunteering with Friendship Circle in 2014 while I was a student at Emory University in Atlanta. My time at Friendship Circle led me to become a Special Education teacher via Teach For America and ultimately guided me to acquire a Masters of Social Work.

As Friendship Circle Upper East Sides current Teens on the Town leader, I have had the privilege of creating life-changing friendships during this challenging and isolating time. Every Sunday I look forward to exploring the Upper East side, learning about upcoming holidays and trying new activities and treats together. The connections made through Friendship Circle continue to help alleviate participants' feelings of isolation, and have enriched my understanding of the importance of human connection.

When Covid-19 occurred, Friendship Circle shifted its programming from in-person to virtual. The isolation individuals have felt during this pandemic opens our eyes to what individuals with disabilities may feel on a daily basis. Now more than ever, I am inspired to continue supporting this special community. Any donation you can give to support my walk/run will be greatly appreciated. Please note, all donations are tax-deductible as it is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Thank you for your past support and for taking the time to read this email. Your generosity has brought joy to many kids, teenagers and young adults.

Please let me know if you would like to learn more about Friendship Circle or have any questions.



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