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Samantha Underberg

Samantha Underberg

On Sunday, May 21st I’ll be walking to raise awareness and funds for Friendship Circle, a Jewish nonprofit that works every day to cultivate friendships between volunteers such as myself and kids, teens and young adults with special needs, providing social, recreational and creative opportunities that are otherwise unavailable to them.

I’ve been volunteering with Friendship Circle for three years now, working with kids and teens with special needs every Sunday. It has be en a truly rewarding experience. Hundreds of friendships have been formed and so many lives have been changed for the better because of this organization.

As an active volunteer at Friendship Circle, I have had numerous memorable experiences that have been unforgettable. From baking hamentashens with my buddy Aviva to getting creative with glitter tattoos during our art projects, every moment spent with her reaffirms the invaluable role that Friendship Circle plays in their lives. What I cherish most about this organization is the invaluable lessons I learn from my buddies, which remind me of the vital importance of the program and how it positively affects not just the children with special needs but also the volenteers.

In my three years with Friendship Circle I have learned so much about the unique gifts that children with learning disabilities have to offer the world, how much they have to teach us, and how much they can thrive when given the opportunity to.

Anything you can give to support my walk for Friendship Circle will be so appreciated and will go such a long way. Thank you!



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